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Buying Car Plates

For your convenience & protection we are authorised to accept payment by most credit and debit cards. Apart from the obvious convenience and insurance protection provided by the credit card Company, you can also be confident that we can instantly reserve a personalised number plate with this method. We also accept payments by cheque and bank transfers.

We are pleased to make available an extensive selection of private car number plates and DVLA registration plates. Select your private car number plate now from our vast stock package, commissions and ex DVLA registrations. A large proportion of DVLA select Registrations can be transferred within 3 to 4 working days, although some cherished plates may take a little longer due to the nature of the paperwork involved and DVLA inspections that now take place on all vehicles over 15 years old. Almost all donor vehicles over 15 years old now require an inspection by the Local Vehicle Licensing Office to check the authenticity of the vehicle number plate, this can add an additional 2 weeks or more to the length of the transfer completion.